Adult Psychotherapy Services

Both online and in person bookings are available

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Trauma, Relationship and Marriage difficulties, Fears and Phobias, Grief & Career change

Adulthood brings with it a number of changes and challenges that one may not have been fully prepared for. Our friends,  families and intimate relationships may provide some support. But sometimes an objective ear is needed to guide you through these realities. 

Adulthood also brings with it the realisation that some traumas have not been forgotten or dealt with and that someone who stands outside of this experience, and has the knowledge to guide you through this pain, might be needed.

Psychometric Assessment

We assess diverse psychiatric and non-psychiatric problems. Some examples of psychiatric problems are anxiety, depression and substance abuse, and examples of non-psychiatric concerns are intelligence and career interests.

Assessment data may be gathered through interviews, observations, standardised tests, and self-report measures.  

Skills development/workshops

A variety of topics are available on request for your Wellness programmes or Wellness days at school or work

Online therapy service

Skype, Zoom or Google-meet sessions are now available. These sessions would follow the same format as in-person sessions and can be arranged due to your specific concern, your location or because it is more convenient for you. 

Please contact me,  Zain Julies 

for more information.