Some Frequently Asked Questions

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What is it like to consult with a psychologist?

The decision to speak to a psychologist is a very personal one. Sometimes this decision is made by yourself and sometimes those who love and care for you have encouraged you to take this step. Either way the decision is not always an easy one. Talking to someone you have never met before may be very anxiety provoking and even strange. Perhaps you have never revealed these thoughts and feelings to anyone at all. The thought of vocalising them might seem very strange.

As a psychologist we are highly trained to walk with you on this journey. We are well aware of your anxieties and will try our best to set your mind at ease during the first consultation. Often talking to someone who is not involved in your life or related to the issue you are concerned about, can be very rewarding and relieving. We will never push you beyond that which you are willing to reveal, especially in the first situation. Although openness will make the journey more fruitful. 

Who consults a psychologist?

It is a myth that only crazy people see psychologists. People from all spheres of life, with a variety of concerns approach a psychologist for assistance. It is also a myth that you have to have a 'real' problem to see a psychologist. We see people people from all walks of life. Those who have emotional problems as well as people who just want to improve their day-to-day functioning. If it is a problem or concern which is important to you, we are willing to listen.

How do I book a session?

You can book an appointment by calling me directly. Although most times you will find me in session. If that is the case, please feel free to send me an email or press the BOOK NOW button on my contact page. This will take you directly to my online diary where you will be able to see which slots are available for booking. Just follow the prompts and book the slot that works best for you. 

Ok, I've booked a session. What should I expect?

I will receive a notification that you have booked. You will receive a welcome email from me. And a few days thereafter pre-session documents to complete as I am a paperless practice. You will also received reminders 24 hours before your session and 2 hours before your selected time. I will also send you directions the morning of your appointment.

Will my medical aid cover my therapy sessions?

We are affiliated with medical aid schemes and claim on behalf of clients after their consultation sessions. We also charge in accordance with medical aid rates, if you are to use your medical aid to cover your therapeutic process. To determine whether you are covered and for how many sessions, it is best to first confirm with your medical aid scheme directly. If your medical aid does not cover psychological interventions or your funds are depleted, you will be responsible for the fees and can chat directly to me about out of cover costs for psychological treatment.

What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?

Many people confuse the work or rather definitions of a psychologist with that of a psychiatrist. Both work in the field of mental health, however these are different qualifications, different types of degrees, and differ in application.

A psychologist holds a master's degree specialising in a registered category of psychology, whereas a psychiatrist is a medical doctor that further specialises in psychiatric medicine.

Practically, psychologists primarily intervene or work through therapy. Psychiatrists are more involved with medical management of individuals diagnosed with or seeking medical treatment for a psychiatric diagnosis.

Important information and booking process

- We accept all medical aids (accept CAMAF and Profmed who require assistance from a clinical psychologist only) and will put through claims for you, should you decide to use medical aid, medical aids rates would apply here.

- Sessions are 50 minutes long and the frequency will be decided upon by your psychologist and yourself.

- Therapy consent forms are sent electronically and are to be returned electronically as we are a paperless practice. If you are unable to complete the forms electronically, not to worry. I am willing to assist you before we start by completing it with me.

- we will send out reminders before each session. Please check your sms'es

- If you are doing an online session, we will send you a link prior to your session.

- If you are coming in person, I will send you directions. Kindly report to reception and wait in the waiting area. I will collect you there.

- You will discuss a follow up with me at the end of the session. Or you can use the link to schedule a session again.

- Kindly note that sessions not cancelled prior to 24 hours will be fully charge for, whether it is paid for via medical aid or in cash.